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Re: Package naming rules.

> In message <199605071714.KAA25871@bb29c.mdd.comm.mot.com>, Bill Mitchell writes:
> >recently remarked, renaming packages is a pain.  I don't think that we
> >should lightly make a change which would require renaming 77 packages
> >which are currently in distribution.
> I don't understand why people keep saying renaming packages is hard ---
> REPLACES: + CONFLICTS: = renamed package.  Am I missing something?

Does replaces+conflicts imply provides?

Specifically, if a depends on foo, and foobar replaces+conflicts with 
foo, can I replace foo with foobar without uninstalling a?

If not, then (I think) foobar should replaces+conflicts+provides foo, 
and then foo would end up acting as a virtual package name, which is 
probably not what we want, either.
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