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Re: Package naming rules

>>>>> "O" == Oliver Oberdorf <oly@russ.harvard.edu> writes:

O> BTW, it should be fairly easy to teach grep to pick out the package
O> you are interested in with or without the "-" problem.  Just use
O> some \-[0-9] type code(s)

Not necessarily.  Not unless you also restrict what characters we
allow in upstream versions (and we don't).  Consider the case where
you have an upstream program named "great-tool", and it's upstream
version is "beta-4".  now how can you tell from the file name,
great-tool-beta-4-5.deb, whether the package name is "great-tool" or

You have to either have restrictions on what you can put in the fields
of a file name, or a reserved separator pattern (a double dash for
example, --).  We have neither at the moment.  I'm happy either way,
but we have to choose one.  Regardless, it's going to be pretty hard
to come up with a scheme that is both backward compatible with every
package name we already have, and self consistent.

In any case, I think we should bear in mind this is a short term
aggravation.  If we're careful we can probably arrange it so that the
disruption caused by the renaming (if any) doesn't last for very long.
And after it's done, we should never have to worry about it again.


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