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Re: Package naming rules

Sorry, I misunderstood.  Obviously my objections don't apply to 
simply renaming .deb filenames.  I'm neutral on this issue.  Sorry
to clutter up everyone's mailbox over a misunderstanding.

While I have everyone's attention, I haven't heard back about the
pcmcia package.  If I don't hear any input by Friday, I'll just 
make up my own mind (ill advised, I assure you).
Being as pcmcia is dependent on a particular kernel I can..

Wait for a "stable" (stable as in kernel choice) installation floppy 
and use the same kernel version for pcmcia support.

Name the pcmcia package according to the supported kernel.  This
is so that when it is necessary to change to another kernel,
pcmcia_cs_k97.. can be easily identified by a prospective user
as useable/unwanted.

Make a "big" pcmcia package that contains the last 3 kernels debianized.
This way, kernels will eventually be unsupported, but it won't be
quite so critical which recent kernel and pcmcia package a user has - 
so long as they are somewhat close in release time.  In this case, the 
first release would be a solitary .97 kernel base anyway.

Status: I have a pcmcia package set up for 1.3.97.  I just don't want
to release it and then change my policy for naming, etc.  Anyway, I'll
upload it to master on Friday one way or the other.


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