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Bug#2922: Modules infelicities

Package: modules
Version: 1.3.69f-3

OK, here it is: I don't use modules, largely because I have found the
documentation for kerneld (including the HOWTO) to be inadequate to teach
me how to make things work the way I want them to, and it is not
sufficiently beneficial for me to spend the necessary time to figure it
out for myself.

As a result, I don't want to run kerneld---it presents me with no

So, I figured the easiest way to take care of this was to chmod -x
/etc/init.d/kerneld (since modules is a required package, which means
dselect kicks up a mighty fuss if you try to remove it).

Unfortunately, if you do this the modules package causes dpkg to be
violently ill because it tries to run /etc/init.d/kerneld _without first
checking to make sure that is possible_.

Either the prerm should be smarter, or /etc/init.d/kerneld should make
the same test that /etc/init.d/modules does before attempting to
run---look for any modules.

"Don't let me make you unhappy by failing to be contrary enough...."

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