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Bug#2907: [imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: [imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: Guile plans]]

We discovered recently that news postings from our Debian machines
were saying "Organization: A poorly-maintained Debian GNU/Linux
system".  Apparently that text was in a file /etc/news/organization,
but not by our choice--it came with the installation.

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From: Ian Murdock <imurdock@lib.purdue.edu>

Richard Stallman writes:
>The file's date is Feb 8.  If it comes from the default Debian
>distribution, how come its date got changed so recently?
>Anyway, I replaced the file on delasyd and psilocin.
>It now says `Free Software Foundation'.
>Could you please fix it on the other machines that run Debian?

Hmm.. it should've asked you to enter the organization string as part
of the configuration process.  I think that's when I entered it here
at work; or at least that's how inn does it, if I remember correctly.

If you're sure that it never asked you during configuration, you'll
want to tell debian-bugs@pixar.com.
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