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Bug#2907: imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: [imurdock@lib.purdue.edu: Re: Guile plans]]

You (Richard Stallman) wrote:
> We discovered recently that news postings from our Debian machines
> were saying "Organization: A poorly-maintained Debian GNU/Linux
> system".  Apparently that text was in a file /etc/news/organization,
> but not by our choice--it came with the installation.

Which version of inews and/or INN are you using? I maintain the newer
version (inn1.4unoff4 based) and I don't know about the older versions.
(Check with "dpkg -s inn" or "dpkg -s inewsinn")
Since Debian is in-place upgradable it will "inherit" the old configuration
when a new version is installed and will not ask for configuration info
again. I don't think that is a bug. OTOH if it happens on a "clean"
install it really is a bug.

If it's just inewsinn you're using, please "dpkg --purge inewsinn" the
old version and "dpkg --install inewsinn-1.4unoff4-1.deb" the new version.

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