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Bug#2902: Loop while compiling?


}I'm awfully sorry that I have to report this, but I seem to be
}unable to compile make-3.74-12 on my ownn The configure script
}seems to run in an endless loop:

I'm sorry (nearly more than before). This bug wasn't reported
correct. As both man 2.3.10 and perl 5.0002 show the same symtoms the
error must be something else, but I don't know.

Therefore I close the bug myself.

Could anyone tell me what's going wrong? It seems to be the configure,
but why?

ii  bash            1.14.6-4       The GNU Bourne-Again SHell.
ii  cpp             2.7.2-5        The GNU C preprocessor (ELF version).
ii  libc5           5.2.18-5       The Linux C library version 5
ii  make            3.74-11        GNU Make.

I don't know what's going wrong. This is very bad, because I'm trying
to install Debian on a friends machine. I would be very unhappy if I
have to use a different distribution there.



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