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Bug#2831: timezone conffiles vs. postinst

alegre@mars.superlink.net writes ("Bug#2831: timezone conffiles vs. postinst"):
> I am closing this bug report because I think it is not really a bug but a
> matter of tastes. I like to have conf files listed as conf files.

I disagree most strongly, especially with your last comment.  That's
not what dpkg's conffiles mechanism is for - it is most emphatically
NOT suitable for all configuration files.

If you insist that you're not going to change this then obviously the
Guidelines are not clear enough and I shall have to edit them to make
what you're doing clearly forbidden and then reopen the bug report.

If you'd like to explain to me some reasons why I shouldn't do this
please go ahead.  I'm certainly willing to listen, but I'm afraid I'm
not going to accept `matter of taste' because I don't think it is an
answer to my comments, which are based not on taste but on the
intended use and actual effect of the dpkg conffiles mechanism.


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