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Re: Bug#2524: problems with base package

> > It might be retained as a text-only file, explaining how to do
> > local customizations. That's what it already does in a way; it
> > says claims that /etc/rc.local is run but it's use is discouraged.
> > (It wasn't used in 0.93R6 either).

Actually, I like this idea.

> I don't agree. IMO this file is only confusing if it's not run. Usually you
> simply enter your local changes into rc.local and they are run by the boot
> process (holds for all Unixes I worked on so far), so I think many users
> might do exactly that, put their hdparm (or whatever) call into rc.local and
> wonder why it isn't executed.

FWIW, Solaris doesn't have an rc.local.

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