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Re: from a confused developer

Giuseppe Vacanti writes:
>  To build elf packages I:
>  + need dpkg-1.0.16 [where is this?]

[ or higher ]

>  + need dchanges(>=2.0) [not for elf but for new control fields]
>  + need ld.so
>  + must deinstall libc and replace it with libc4
>  + must install libc5
>  + must install image (1.3.x ?)
>  + must install compile stuff: gcc, libc4-dev, libc5-dev
> Right? wrong? comments?

Add binutils to your list, but otherwise pretty right.  At this point you 
should be able to build and run elf exectables.
> Also, is ftp.debian.org complete? 

Yes.  Now even the Packages and Contents files should be right, and all files
in the unstable tree should have the right permissions ;)

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