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Bug#2368: Pine does not set a default NNTP server

Package: Pine
Version: 3.91-3

In order to keep Dale happy I've turned this into a separate bug report.

At install time Pine does not ask the installer for a NNTP server to
insert into its configuration file.  See the discussion on bug #933
for suggested code which could live in its postinst, or alternatively
see the trn postinst.

A point from the discussion under bug #933 that is relevant to this
bug report is as follows:

Dale Scheetz writes:

>2. In reply to this problem the discussion thread has wandered all over
>the field of this product. The most current point has been that pine
>should install with a default NNTP server defined. I agree that this is
>probably a good thing, if for no other reason than symmetry with the SMTP
>server configuration. But this is not the answer to the bug report, and,
>as I have pointed out on several occasions, it seems counter to the
>concept of the bug in the first place. If it is inappropriate for pine to
>send news, then what is the point of configuring an NNTP server? I don't
>see how you can have it both ways!

It is, indeed, inappropriate for Pine to post news when replying to an
article sent by mail (as discussed in bug #933).

However, it is entirely appropriate for Pine to post news when
replying to an article which was posted to news - Pine is a newsreader
as well as a mailer.

Richard Kettlewell
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