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Bug#2381: Pine posts...NOT Pine does not set a default NNTP server

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> Package: Pine
> Version: 3.91-3
> In order to keep Dale happy I've turned this into a separate bug report.
> At install time Pine does not ask the installer for a NNTP server to
> insert into its configuration file.  See the discussion on bug #933
> for suggested code which could live in its postinst, or alternatively
> see the trn postinst.
> A point from the discussion under bug #933 that is relevant to this
> bug report is as follows:
> Dale Scheetz writes:
> >2. In reply to this problem the discussion thread has wandered all over
> >the field of this product. The most current point has been that pine
> >should install with a default NNTP server defined. I agree that this is
> >probably a good thing, if for no other reason than symmetry with the SMTP
> >server configuration. But this is not the answer to the bug report, and,
> >as I have pointed out on several occasions, it seems counter to the
> >concept of the bug in the first place. If it is inappropriate for pine to
> >send news, then what is the point of configuring an NNTP server? I don't
> >see how you can have it both ways!
> It is, indeed, inappropriate for Pine to post news when replying to an
> article sent by mail (as discussed in bug #933).
> However, it is entirely appropriate for Pine to post news when
> replying to an article which was posted to news - Pine is a newsreader
> as well as a mailer.

Pine does NOT automaticaly post email replies! Here is what actually

When you reply to an e-mail message that was also copied to a news group
(ie, has the name of a news group in the cc: field) Pine will offer to
post your reply back to the news group in the cc: field. The default for
this action is NO. The operator has to choose to take this action to get
the message posted by pressing 'Y'.

If it is ok for Pine to post to news groups when running 'news mode' why
is it all of a sudden inappropriate to offer to post something back to a
news group currently involved in the thread simply because you are in
'mail mode'? This seems to me to be yet another in the list of rich
features (sometimes confusing in that richness) that pine users have
learned to appreciate/live-with. I am passing the bug report on this
issue upline to the developers, but I wouldn't hold my breath if you are
looking for this to change any time soon.



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