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Re: Bug#2381: Pine posts...NOT Pine does not set a default NNTP server

dwarf@polaris.net (Dale Scheetz)  wrote on 21.02.96 in <[🔎] Pine.LNX.3.91.960221110956.6247A-100000@dwarf.polaris.net>:

> Pine does NOT automaticaly post email replies! Here is what actually
> happens:
> When you reply to an e-mail message that was also copied to a news group
> (ie, has the name of a news group in the cc: field) Pine will offer to

Umm ... the way I read it some time ago in some Usenet group (might have  
been one of the comp.mail groups), what happens is the following - can you  
confirm or deny that? (A newsgroup name would be illegal in the CC: field  
anyway, only mail addresses allowed.)

When Pine posts & mails an article (a practice that gets at least some  
recipients of such mail mad at the person doing it [such as me: one copy  
is quite enough, I hate spam]), it includes a Newsgroups: line in the  
mail, just as it does in the news article.

When Pine receives such a mail, it assumes that it was posted, and acts  

Unfortunately, a lot of news readers include such a Newsgroups: line if  
their user replies by mail, *without* posting.

The general consensus on this was that Pine's assumptions are broken - you  
cannot assume that mail was also posted, just because it includes a  
Newsgroups: line. Often, it isn't.

And giving the user the impression it was when it wasn't, seems to break  
the rules in a big way.

MfG Kai

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