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Bug#2363: xntpd fails in 1.3.x kernels

Chris Hanson writes:
> Package: xntp
> Version: 3.4x-2
> xntpd gets an error and dies when run in a 1.3.x kernel (e.g. x==63).
> The reason for this is that these kernels check SO_REUSEADDR for
> previously bound wildcard sockets when opening other sockets on the
> same port.  Apparently this is somewhat unusual since xntpd assumes
> that this doesn't matter and disables SO_REUSEADDR for each socket
> immediately following the bind() call.
> Here is a patch that fixes the bug:

Thanks I'm going to be putting together a new version of the xntpd
package in a couple of days and will incorporate your patch :)


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