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Bug#1919: pine - imapd not installed

This program will be provided in the next release.

On Wed, 29 Nov 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Package: pine
> Version: 3.91-3
> The IMAP (Interactive Mail Access Protocol) server, imapd, should be
> installed as /usr/sbin/in.imap2d, and added to inetd.conf by default.

Ian, let me know what the line in inetd.conf should look like and I will
add this to the postinst script.

> It's only a few hundred Kb of binary, compared to Pine's 850Kb, so
> putting it in the same package is unlikely to annoy people.
> When the package is installed the manpage imapd(8) should make it
> clear that it's an imap2bis server, not an imap2 server or an imap3
> server, whatever those are.  I see entries for imap2 and imap3 in
> /etc/services; I have my locally installed Pine-based imapd configured
> on imap2, which I believe to be correct, but the manpage only mentions
> the imap service.
A peek at your /etc/services might help me out here too.

> Oh, btw, the source directory should be pine-3.91 rather than pine3.91
> :-).
No problem, it's already fixed.



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