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Bug#1426: pine' dependencies wrt mail

On Fri, 22 Sep 1995, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Package: pine
> The `pine' package should list the virtual package
> `mail-transport-agent' as an alternative to the two concrete packages
> `smail' and `smail' in its control file.
> Furthermore, it should Provide the virtual package `mail-reader'.

Pine does not truely *depend* on a mail-transport-agent (if you don't
count pop-client) as it can send using it's own SMTP feature and it
doesn't care how the mail messages get into the inbox file.

The next version of pine will declare:

Depends: libc5, ncurses3.0
Suggests: mail-delivery-agent
Provides: mail-reader

This, in my estimation, clears up this bug and will be reported done
after the next release of pine.


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