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Re: MSDOS name conversion

Ian Jackson wrote:
> 2. Does anyone have any good knapsack-solving code, or something
> similar ?

I just had a look in the Linear Programming FAQ, and came up with this:

] Q6.11: What software is there for the Knapsack Problem? 
] A: As with the TSP, I don't know of any commercial solvers for this specific
] problem.  Any good MIP solver should be able to be used, although any given
] instance of this problem could be difficult.  Specialized algorithms are
] said to be available in [Syslo] and [Martello].  Bob Craig of AT&T
] (kat3@ihgp.ih.att.com) has software written in C, for both exact solution
] and heuristics, that he is willing to make available to those who request
] it.

So you can try mailing Bob, or look in one of:

] Syslo, Deo & Kowalik, Discrete Optimization Algorithms with Pascal Programs,
]     Prentice-Hall (1983). (Contains code for 28 algorithms such as Revised
]     Simplex, MIP, networks.) 

] Martello and Toth, Knapsack Problems: Algorithms and Computer
]     Implementations, Wiley, 1990. (Contains Fortran code, comes with a disk
]     - also covers Assignment Problem.)


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