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Re: Bug#2274: /etc/init.d/diald broken

Richard Kettlewell writes ("Re: Bug#2274: /etc/init.d/diald broken "):
> Giuseppe Vacanti writes:
> >You're right it should not source functions. The handling of the
> >run_diald variable has been fixed in the 0.11-? series of
> >release. The reason why such a variable exists is that you may not
> >want to have diald start at boot.
> Um, isn't the idea that one removes the symlink from /etc/rc[0-6].d/
> to do this?

That's right.  If you remove the `S??diald' links in there then it
won't get started.

If you remove the K??diald links too then all the links will be put
back by update-rc.d when you reinstall the package, so don't do that.

There should be a README or manpage or something somewhere describing


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