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Re: Manpage for program without manpage

Kai Henningsen writes ("Re: Manpage for program without manpage"):
> branderhorst@fgg.eur.nl [...]:
> > \-\- does not have a useful manpage.  Please do not report this as a
> > bug, as this might have been done many times. Instead, if you are a
> Maybe:
> Please do not report this as a bug; that you get this "ersatz" manpage  
> shows that we already know.

Right.  I don't think we should use the `ersatz' manpage without
having at least one outstanding bug report about it.

So, the `undocumented' or whatever manpage should say
 `This has already been reported as a bug; when a manpage becomes
  available it will be included, and the bug report closed.'
or some such.


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