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Re: Bug#2274: /etc/init.d/diald broken

Giuseppe Vacanti writes:

>The init.d script for diald works for me.

My system was installed ages ago and has been incrementally upgraded
since; it still has a `full' /etc/init.d/functions, whereas (I
believe) current versions have a trivial one.

sfere is sometimes quite good for checking current stuff against
legacy code. l-)

>You're right it should not source functions. The handling of the
>run_diald variable has been fixed in the 0.11-? series of
>release. The reason why such a variable exists is that you may not
>want to have diald start at boot.

Um, isn't the idea that one removes the symlink from /etc/rc[0-6].d/
to do this?

ttfn/rjk [not a sysvinit expert]

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