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Bug#2268: stale documentation links

Package: cern-httpd
Version: 3.0-4

When following a link from a comment in a file in
/usr/doc/examples/cern-httpd/, I arrived at the following page:

                                                    Error: Old host name in URL

   The link you have just followed is an old one, pointing to a
   "info.cern.ch". All documents originally maintained by CERN on
   info.cern.ch are now maintained on "www.w3.org" by the W3 Consortium.

   If you have troubles accessing www.w3.org then mail webmaster@w3.org

   For now, you can jump on to the document in its new home but this
   forwarding message will not be maintained indefinitely.

   This change is being implemented so that Web software does not
   eternally contain an obsolete geographical reference, and so that
   CERN's name server does not eternally contain an off-site pointer.

    Brian Carpenter, CERN


Every file in /usr/doc/examples/cern-httpd/ has the link



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