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Re: dpkg, ELF, upgrade order, broken systems

Fernando Alegre writes:
> I think your proposal is rather kludgy. 

Only in the sense that all of dpkg is a kludge :-)

> I don't think it is justified to 
> introduce a new field in the packaging database for using in a very 
> specific (although important) problem which will not repeat in the future.

This is not quite correct.  This will force an order of unpacking much like 
the actual 'depends' line specifies the order that the postinst scripts must 
be run.  I think that the assertion that all packages could be unpacked in any 
order is flawed.  

This will be a problem any time any 'major' library gets a new major number,
or anything 'out of the ordinary' happens.  Believing that this is the only 
time this will be an issue is as shortsighted as not putting in the 
functionality in the first place.

> I would prefer to have an "elf-update.deb" package whose content would be:

That would probably be a pain to make, unless it only contains the .deb files.
and in the postinst, it re-runs dpkg or something.

A script or detailed instructions, or a list of packages to upgrade would 
probably be better.

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