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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus (and other layout issues)

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Ian Jackson wrote:


> This is not the way we have done things up til now, and I don't think
> now is the time to start.  If you want to discuss the merits of
> putting shellutils, fileutils, git, &c &c &c into separate directories
> I suggest we don't do it on debian-devel.

I have seen lately many discussions in the list which are related to 
where to place files. Some of them are related to interpreting the FSSTND 
and some are not. I think "layout" is a good term to describe this. This 
is _definitely_ and by all means one of the most important aspects of a 
distribution. A bad or not well thought "layout" is what makes many 
people hate or love a distribution, and it is, together with 
"configuration" issues, what makes distributions different from each other.

The big proportion of messages discussing the "layout" flaws or features 
of Debian makes me think that a serious discussion and a better agreement 
among Debian developers is badly needed. I know Ian Jackson does not 
agree with me. I guess he has his own well thought idea of Debian's layout 
in his mind. However, since I can't read his mind, I think we should try 
to reach an agreement between all our personal ideas. If debian-devel is 
not the proper place, I would like to know why. And I would like that an 
answer include a suggestion for a better place. I am mostly interested in 
the layout of Debian, I don't think that is completely covered by the 
FSSTND. There is some overlapping but most discussions in this list had 
to do with what is _not_ covered by the standard. The standard will never 
be as precise as we would need because different distributions will want 
to make some things in a different way. I think the Debian's way is not 
fully spelled out. Debian is no Slackware. There is more than one person 
involved and communication between them is essential.

Thank you.
	Fernando Alegre

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