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Re: netpbm vs. pbmplus

>> I discussed this with a colleague who has 35 years in the computer
>> industry.  He suggested I use the argument that it's easy for people
>> to change their PATH.  
>Suppose you have twenty users.  With this scheme, every time a new
>(big) software package is installed, twenty people have to modify
>their .profile/.cshrc before they can use it.  If it's installed in
>/usr/bin, they need do nothing.

I hate to repeat myself, but...

If you had a file like /etc/path.default with a line like:
/usr/bin:/bin:  (etc., etc.)
thet it should be easy for every path to fetch this since the format
of an env variable is fixed.
sh: (/etc/profile)
PATH=`cat /etc/path.default`; export PATH
csh: (/etc/csh.login)
setev PATH `cat /etc/path.default`

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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