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Re: Which files in /usr/sbin?

Thanks to Ian Jackson for clarifying the "arbitrator" issue. It seems 
that, after all, there is indeed an arbitrator: Ian Murdock

Regarding the location of /usr/sbin/zdump, I think it is included mainly 
for helping sysadmins manage the /usr/lib/zoneinfo files. There are 
better ways to find out in which timezone you live: looking out the 
window, listening to the radio or with the /bin/date command.

I have not changed my mind. If you (Raul Miller) still disagree, please 
contact Ian Murdock directly.

Thank you.

On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Raul Miller wrote:

> Ian Jackson:
>    Forgive me, but I'm finding this discussion - and the heat it has
>    generated - quite bizarre ...
> Ok, I'm going back off from general principles and try to tackle one
> specific issue.
> The specific executable which triggered this discussion is
> /usr/sbin/zdump, which analyzes timezone files.  Basically, it prints
> out what time it is -- given a timezone specification.
> It seems to me that this program might be of interest to people who
> wish to figure out what time zone they're in.  It's probably not
> needed by people who have a good understanding of geography.  This
> might be of use to people who are not system administrators if they
> are in a different time zone from the system administrator.
> -- 
> Raul

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