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Re: Halt script

You (Michael Meskes) wrote:
> Miquel,
> I've just converted my system to sysvinit-2.58-2 and it runs fine. However,
> two of the umount call in the halt and reboot gice me troubles:
> # If root is mounted read-only the above will have failed.
> umount -a -tnonfs -n
> umount -a -tnfs -n
> echo "done."
> All my umount says is: 
> umount: illegal option -- n
> usage: umount [-hV]
>        umount -a [-v] [-t vfstypes]
>        umount [-v] special | node...
> Even the Debian one says so. What is this option for?

It seems that the debian umount used to reckognize -n but doesn't anymore.
I've heard one or two more reports about this. I think we'll either have
to change umount or we just take the umount -n out of the halt and reboot
scripts. The last solution is fine with me (the easy way out :))

I'm Cc'ing this to debian-devel.

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