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Some questions

Hi all,

maybe this has been discussed already, but since I'm new to this list I
don't know. I wonder why so many packages are AOUT and not ELF. It's rather
obvious now that elf is the future for Linux. Why don't we make the
distribution as much ELF as possible? Besides I just learned that the AOUT
library is still 4.6.27. Is it fixed or does it still have that syslog bug?

Does anyone know if the 1.2.13 kernel we distribute is able to work with the
most recent Adaptec SCSI controllers? We get a new machine in a few days and
I want to install Debian instead of the usual Slackware. However, Slackware
comes with kernel 1.3.18+ and thus is able to run on this machine. I think
1.2.13 is not. Besides how do I install the development release from the net?

I'm currently running 1.3.56 on my machine (originally Slackware, now
converted to Debian for some parts). I also run libc-5.3.0 without a problem
so far (I know some had problems with it, but on my two machines it runs
fine) and for AOUT programs 4.7.5. 

I found a man page for adjtimex but no binary. Is this one of the programs
that wait for a maintainer? But then tickadj might do the same at least
accordig to the man page. But the binary can only adjust one parameter.

And what about quota utilities?

Finally I do have some problems with the booting procedure:

- Wouldn't it be better to remove ALL files in /var/run while booting and
not only /var/run/utmp?

- My old system contained the following lines in rc.local:

# Screen blanks after 15 minutes idle time.
/usr/bin/setterm -blank 15

It would be nice to have that in the standard boot procedure, too. Or is
there a reason why it is left out?

- I tried to put it into /etc/rc.local but I couldn't find a way to tell the
system to execute that file. What did I do wrong? Isn't it supposed to run
at the end of the boot process? But then again maybe my system is not
converted enough. But I think rc.local is really needed, since commands like
'hdparm' belong nowhere else IMO.


Michael Meskes 
Lehrstuhl fuer angewandte Mathematik insb. Informatik
RWTH-Aachen, D-52056 Aachen, Germany
email: meskes@informatik.rwth-aachen.de

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