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Re: Bug#2107: Sendmail 8.6.12-9 and 8.6.12-8 problems

You (Michael Meskes) wrote:
> Chris Fearnley writes:
> > 
> > Package: sendmail
> > Version: 8.6.12-{8,9}
> > 
> Is there any reason why 8.6.12 is still used? I think it might be wise to
> switch over to 8.7.1. Runs fine here.

I've made a sendmail-8.7.1 package. It's configuration is still rude,
but it _can_ be configured from a script. It does not contain a
/usr/src/sendmail.cf directory at all. I've installed it on several
machines now and it runs stable.

For the interested I've put the source and diff on

I've Cc:'d this to the official maintainer, Anders Chrigstrom <ac@netg.se>.

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