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Re: Files on the FTP site...

Bdale Garbee writes ("Re: Files on the FTP site..."):
> Personally, I think the right steps have been taken to handle the problems
> posed by CDROM folks snatching the wrong bits.  I'd prefer to see the package
> change information go back to the -changes group.  I think that as long as
> the postings include enough info about whether the package is experimental or
> stable, etc., that our users can make their own informed decisions about what
> they want to snatch and try when.

I disagree.  Several people have complained on debian-user that the
distribution is "constantly changing"; this is a misunderstanding, of
course, but posting all of our development releases on debian-changes
can only further that.  We should use debian-devel or a new mailing

Remember that our development tree is pretty flakey at times ...


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