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Re: ALPHA release of apache-1.0.0-1 now available

'Raul Miller wrote:'
>   apache-httpd provides httpd (as does cern-httpd) so dpkg won't
>   install one until the other is removed.
>This isn't completely optimal (for the people who want to use apache
>but also need a proxy server).  Ideally, someone should write up a
>mini-howto on how to work around this simplicity feature.

Ideally, a package should have no conflicts.  But the develment effort
can be hard.  I'm not familiar with the issues involved in installing
a proxy server.  Could you inform me?  Maybe there is a way to make
cern, apache, spinner, etc. all independent packages that will be
congnizant and considerate of the other web servers installed.  I'd
like to set that as a goal.  But for expediency, I think we will have
to use conflicts.

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