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Re: /etc/rc.d and RedHat compatibility

Bruce wrote:
] For the short term, I will provide a redhat compatibility package that
] provides the symbolic links, etc., so that redhat packages will work
] on Debian systems. Thus, the ugly symbolic links will only be there if
] you ask for redhat compatibility. This is preparatory to arriving at some
] sort of way of merging our binary package formats, or at least installing
] both kinds of package on one system.

a common package format would be great, high priority for me at least :)

btw, what problems can i expect the other way, i.e., installing Debian
packages on RedHat systems?  do the Debian dpkg at least check to see
if it is overwriting existing files?

i was thinking of installing Debian packages on a RedHat system just now,

Bjørn Stabell <mailto::bjoerns@acm.org>

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