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Re: /etc/rc.d and RedHat compatibility

From: Bjoern Stabell <bjoerns@acm.org>
> a common package format would be great, high priority for me at least :)

Thanks. I think going with a "redhat compatibility package" is the right
way for now, as it allows me to sidestep the esthetic objections for the
short term - the objectors need not install the package.
In the long term, the esthetic problems will be resolved.

What is really necessary to make package interchange work is some sort
of join of the databases created by both package systems - however,
a common package format would be nice to have.

> btw, what problems can i expect the other way, i.e., installing Debian
> packages on RedHat systems?  do the Debian dpkg at least check to see
> if it is overwriting existing files?

It depends on what package you install. If it's a self-contained program
like "gnuchess", probably no problem. If it's a system utility, you could
mess up the system in a big way.
Right now, you can't expect it to be trouble-free, because there is no
package conflict mechanism on redhat. Debian would not register a conflict
if you installed a redhat package, either.

> i was thinking of installing Debian packages on a RedHat system just now,
> actually.

Make a backup first.

Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios

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