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Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions

Ian Murdock writes ("Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions"):
> I'll give people another day or so to comment on this.  If there are no
> serious objections during this time, I'm going to move the release back
> into /debian.

I agree - modulo telling people about it.  Could you announce the time
at which you're going to do it at least 48 hours in advance, so that
mirror people can read their email and then do the rename between
mirror runs ?

> I think using a code name for the release is the best idea; I'll leave
> thinking of one to the creative element of the Debian Project. :)

I propose "Diaspar" (as mentioned by Richard K. a little while ago).
We can name the next release "Trantor" or perhaps "Lys".

Bill Mitchell writes ("Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions"):
> I just want to reiterate my [unoriginal] suggestion that the
> actual directory trees be given neutral names, and be accessed
> through symlinks with meaningful names, to prevent re-mirroring
> as names change (e.g. from development to stable after the elf
> release becomes official, or from debian-1.0 to debian-1.1 as
> we find it necessary to change the release numbering).

This is exactly what we're doing with the codenames, as RJK has
pointed out.


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