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Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions

On Wed, 13 Dec 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> I'll let Ian Murdock decide what he wants to do about this.

Well, we appear to have two options.  We can (1) leave the development
release in an unreadable directory, as it is at present; or (2) move the
development release back into a readable directory, making it clear that
it's still under development.

Personally, I prefer (2).  I don't want to make the development release
inaccessible or even hard to get.  I want to make sure that everyone (who
knows what they're getting into!) can get it and install it.  The current
situation doesn't allow that, as a number of people have complained about
on debian-user.

I'll give people another day or so to comment on this.  If there are no
serious objections during this time, I'm going to move the release back
into /debian.

I think using a code name for the release is the best idea; I'll leave
thinking of one to the creative element of the Debian Project. :)

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