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Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions

> Well, we appear to have two options.  We can (1) leave the development
> release in an unreadable directory, as it is at present; or (2) move the
> development release back into a readable directory, making it clear that
> it's still under development.
> Personally, I prefer (2).  I don't want to make the development release
> inaccessible or even hard to get.  I want to make sure that everyone (who
> knows what they're getting into!) can get it and install it.  The current
> situation doesn't allow that, as a number of people have complained about
> on debian-user.
> I'll give people another day or so to comment on this.  If there are no
> serious objections during this time, I'm going to move the release back
> into /debian.
> I think using a code name for the release is the best idea; I'll leave
> thinking of one to the creative element of the Debian Project. :)

Ian, if you do decide to do number 2, could you please give us a little
notice by posting to devel beforehand?  I just dont want to have to
delete and re-mirror the 1.0 stuff (as well as the other mirrors who are
using a 2nd mirror to get 1.0 currently).  We can just manually mv the
debian-1.0 dir back and it wont delete it...

Thanks :)


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