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Re: ALPHA-TEST permissions

On Mon, 18 Dec 1995, Karl Ferguson wrote:

> > ... relocating the development release ...]
> Ian, if you do decide to do number 2, could you please give us a little
> notice by posting to devel beforehand?  I just dont want to have to
> delete and re-mirror the 1.0 stuff (as well as the other mirrors who are
> using a 2nd mirror to get 1.0 currently).  We can just manually mv the
> debian-1.0 dir back and it wont delete it...

I just want to reiterate my [unoriginal] suggestion that the
actual directory trees be given neutral names, and be accessed
through symlinks with meaningful names, to prevent re-mirroring
as names change (e.g. from development to stable after the elf
release becomes official, or from debian-1.0 to debian-1.1 as
we find it necessary to change the release numbering).

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