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Re: solving some of our FTP problems

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995 Dirk.Eddelbuettel@qed.econ.queensu.ca wrote:

> I'd love that feature too. But that either requires a damn good script,
> or that everybody uses the same .changes format. 

I think everyone *should* be using the same format.  Bill has addressed
my complaints and suggestions about the old dchanges format in his newer
releases (my complaint that it wasn't "human readable" and my suggestion
that it be made so, that is); I'm happy with it now.

I certainly wouldn't object to making the dchanges format the mandated
format for announcements, since almost everyone is already using it. 

But we wouldn't necessarily *need* a common format to do what Bdale
suggested; all the script would need to be able to do is extract the
md5sum.  As long as the format used doesn't alter the md5sum output
(by changing the order of the fields, for example), "md5sum -c" will
be able to check it.

> Given that we had that a rather use- and resultless discussion about a
> "human readable" vs "machine parsable" format, I am not sure whether we
> can arrive there.

On the contrary; I think that discussion got us there.

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