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Re: ncurses build options...

Michael Alan Dorman writes ("Re: ncurses build options..."):
> If you mean "during the time it takes them to do the other upgrade"  when
> you say "for a bit", then I think you're right.  I would like to confirm
> some dpkg behavior, though: 
> Take ncurses-base-1 and ncurses-term-1.  The decision is made to move
> Wyse50 terminals from term to base.  New versions (xxx-2) are released. 
> User installs base-2, then term-2.  This would leave the user without
> Wyse50, unless dpkg moved the wyse50 from term.list to base.list. 
> Does it do this (you said something earlier today that made it sound like
> it does)? 

Yes, it does do that.  If you install a package (A) containing a file
(foo) which is listed as being part of another already-installed
package (B) then the entry for foo in B's listing will be removed, and
A will end up the sole owner.

Directories are handled somewhat differently.  This is documented
somewhere, I think - try project/standards.


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