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Re: ncurses build options...

On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> ncurses2-1.9.7a-1.deb will be the shared library package. It is ncurses2
> because the major portion of the soname is 2. It will depend on libc5 and 
> ncurses-base.

> Done.  Is it necessary or appropriate to have ncurses-dev be 
> ncurses2-dev?  Correct me if I'm wrong, but we don't plan to support 
> people compiling with multiple versions, so it should be sufficient to 
> make sure that ncurses-dev merely has the correct dependencies, right?

Contrary to libc5, where the soname is libc.so.5, an therefore 
libc.so.5.0.0 until libc.so.5.2.16 are interchangeble (or was supposed
to be) ncurses has the soname libncurses.so.2.x.  ncurses2 has no meaning
if the ABI between libncurses.so.2.0 and libncurses.so.2.1 has changed.  
There are no major/minor numbers in ELF, only soname.  The real ncurses2.0
will maybe called curses.

ncurses1.9.8 will be released really soon now and contains:
======== dist.mk ====== 
# If a new ncurses has an incompatible application binary interface than
# previous one, the ABI version should be changed.
VERSION = 1.9.8

Rolf Rossius

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