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Bug#2020: ppp with 1.2.13 (0.93R6)?

>>>>> "Karl" == Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.central.de> writes:

    Karl> Package: ppp
    Karl> Version: 2.2-1

    Karl> There should be a hint that ppp-2.2 doesn't work with 1.2.13.

    Karl> # pppd
    Karl> Sorry - PPP driver version 0.0.0 is out of date

    Karl> # cat /etc/issue
    Karl> Debian GNU/Linux 0.93R6
    Karl> Copyright (C) 1993, 1994, 1995 Debian Association, Inc. and others

    Karl> # lsmod
    Karl> Module:        #pages:  Used by:
    Karl> ppp                5
    Karl> slhc               2    [ppp]

Indeed, there is a missing dependency here, I have talked with Simon
shapiro <shimon@teleport.com> the new kernel maintainer about it. When
he releases new kernel packages then there will be a "virtual package"
called ppp-2.2??? or some such that will be provided by the kernel
packages and required by the ppp package.

As things currently stand:

  ppp-2.2-1 (a.out) was based on the upstream package ppp-2.2.0b
  ppp-2.2-2 (elf)   was based on the upstream package ppp-2.2.0c

I believe the particular problem you are seeing is because the ppp.o
module installed on your system is for ppp-2.1.???  ppp packages.

Bruce, before he handed on the kernel packages, upgraded the ppp.c
code for use with ppp-2.2.???.

Thus you should upgrade your kernel package (src or binary) to revision
7 or greater.

There is a minor problem with this "virtual package" idea if you dont
get your kernel as a debian package. You will therefor not have any
package providing the "virtual package" and so you will only be able
to install the ppp package by forcing its dependencies.

I am sure that anyone you pulls down the very latest kernels and
"rolls his own" will be quite able to do this.


Alvar Bray

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