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Bug#2020: ppp with 1.2.13 (0.93R6)?

>>>>> "Alvar" == Alvar Bray <alvar@meiko.co.uk> writes:
>>>>> "Karl" == Karl Eichwalder <ke@ke.central.de> writes:

    Karl> There should be a hint that ppp-2.2 doesn't work with 1.2.13.
    Karl> # lsmod Module: #pages: Used by: ppp 5 slhc 2 [ppp]

    Alvar> I believe the particular problem you are seeing is because
    Alvar> the ppp.o module installed on your system is for ppp-2.1.???
    Alvar> ppp packages.

Yes, you're right.  Booting an upsteam 1.3.46 kernel (w/o ELF support)
the Debian ppp-2.2-1 package works (I've still problems to login into my
PPP server, but that's another story).

Thanks for you quick reply.  Karl.

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