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Re: Downloading from US sites

>>>>> "Matt" == Matthew Bailey <mbailey@cps.cmich.edu> writes:

    Matt> I am sorry to be an ass here but you have to understand
    Matt> these views. I am doing what is best for the University by
    Matt> not allowing for illegal software to be downloaded.

The point isn't downloading illegal software for releasing. I am
perfectly aware of the fact that software in Incoming is not for
public use; in contrast to CD vendors I don't want to be the 1st to
the market for making money from unreleased software.

In this particular case I have to download megabytes of gcc & friends
to take over the packages I volunteered to maintain from David Engel
and am not willing to pay more than absolutely necessary for it. I
know you guys over there have local calls for free, so you probably
don't see the problem.

I don't yet know enough about administering an ftp site, just a
thought: when ftp'ing I sometimes see ident requests coming in from
the server. Is there a way to use this mechanism to make parts of the
server available only to developers or whomever you trust enough?


PS: Things being as they are, I'll have to wait until David's work has
    been moved to ALPHA-TEST, provided Sven mirrors that one.

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