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Re: 1.0 on Infomagic CD

On Sun, 10 Dec 1995, Richard Kettlewell wrote:

> That's essentially identical to what I was proposing with just two
> practical differences: (1) it uses numbers rather than names and (2)
> it goes to more effort to hide things.

May be.  I'm afraid I too-hurriedly deleted the message with your 
suggestion, and can't go back to re-read it to see if I misread it
the  first time through.

The intended point of my suggestion, and you might have beaten me to
this, was to have the real directory trees be named neutrally, so
that their names wouldn't need to change, and use symlinks with
meaningful names (which could be easily changed without causing
massive re-mirroring) to point to them.

> As to (1), I think names are better than numbers for various reasons:
> it's easier to remember what they mean, and it gives us the option of
> choosing some cute theme.
I don't really have strong preferences at this point about what
meaningful names are chosen for the symlinks.

> As to (2), I'm not convinced about hiding things; what we actually
> want is for people to look in the right place for a stable version
> without having to think about it.  If people actually want to live on
> the bleeding edge, it shouldn't actually be any effort to do so - just
> hard to do by accident.

My suggestion, and the names I chose for illustration, was intended
to show a structure which allowed that.  Unfortunately, I see that
I inadvertantly left out a directory level in some of my illustrative
namings.  Let me try again, with that mistake corrected (names shown
below are intended to be illustrative.  perhaps there are better
choices for the symlink names.  In any case, the symlink names would
be changeable without causing massive re-mirroring.):

   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1/  # full 0.093 tree
   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2/  # full 1.1 tree
   /debian/debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
   /debian/debian-unstable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
   /debian/debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
   /debian/debian-1.1.alpha -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2

Then, when 1.0 becomes the stable distribution, the symlinks
could change to:

   /debian/debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2  # changed from tree1
   /debian/debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1  # might be deleted
   /debian/debian-1.1 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2

And no re-mirroring need occur.

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