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Re: 1.0 on Infomagic CD

>>That's essentially identical to what I was proposing with just two
>>practical differences: (1) it uses numbers rather than names and (2)
>>it goes to more effort to hide things.
>May be.  I'm afraid I too-hurriedly deleted the message with your 
>suggestion, and can't go back to re-read it to see if I misread it
>the  first time through.
>The intended point of my suggestion, and you might have beaten me to
>this, was to have the real directory trees be named neutrally, so
>that their names wouldn't need to change, and use symlinks with
>meaningful names (which could be easily changed without causing
>massive re-mirroring) to point to them.

This is precisely what I suggested.


>>As to (2), I'm not convinced about hiding things; what we actually
>>want is for people to look in the right place for a stable version
>>without having to think about it.  If people actually want to live on
>>the bleeding edge, it shouldn't actually be any effort to do so - just
>>hard to do by accident.
>My suggestion, and the names I chose for illustration, was intended
>to show a structure which allowed that.  Unfortunately, I see that
>I inadvertantly left out a directory level in some of my illustrative
>namings.  Let me try again, with that mistake corrected (names shown
>below are intended to be illustrative.  perhaps there are better
>choices for the symlink names.  In any case, the symlink names would
>be changeable without causing massive re-mirroring.):
>   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1/  # full 0.093 tree
>   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2/  # full 1.1 tree
>   /debian/debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
>   /debian/debian-unstable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>   /debian/debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
>   /debian/debian-1.1.alpha -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>Then, when 1.0 becomes the stable distribution, the symlinks
>could change to:
>   /debian/debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2  # changed from tree1
>   /debian/debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1  # might be deleted
>   /debian/debian-1.1 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>And no re-mirroring need occur.

My comments about this remain as above.  My suggestion provides the
required functionality without creating `hidden' directories.

Richard Kettlewell richard@uk.geeks.org http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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