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Re: 1.0 on Infomagic CD

>It seems to me that a solution might be to put our real directory
>trees in a hidden subdirectory with a neutral name, to name those
>trees neutrally, and then to have meaningfully named (and easily
>changed) symlinks pointing to them: Something like:
>   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1/  # full 0.093 tree
>   /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2/  # full 1.1 tree
>   /debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
>   /debian-unstable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>   /debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1
>   /debian-1.1.alpha -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>Then, when 1.0 becomes the stable distribution, the symlinks
>could change to:
>   /debian-stable -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>   /debian-devel -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>   /debian-0.93 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree1  # might be deleted
>   /debian-1.1 -> /debian/.hidden/debian-tree2
>Once a debian/.hidden/treeN tree is established, it should not be

That's essentially identical to what I was proposing with just two
practical differences: (1) it uses numbers rather than names and (2)
it goes to more effort to hide things.

As to (1), I think names are better than numbers for various reasons:
it's easier to remember what they mean, and it gives us the option of
choosing some cute theme.

As to (2), I'm not convinced about hiding things; what we actually
want is for people to look in the right place for a stable version
without having to think about it.  If people actually want to live on
the bleeding edge, it shouldn't actually be any effort to do so - just
hard to do by accident.

Richard Kettlewell richard@uk.geeks.org http://www.elmail.co.uk/staff/richard/

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