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Re: ncurses available on ftp.pixar.com

On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Matthew Bailey wrote:
> There is NO problem with uploads. The fact that I receive 10-5 mails a 
> day to ftpadmin about corrupt files in private/project/Incoming made me 
> opt for this method. This should be for INCOMING use only. the files will 
> be available as soon as the ftp site maintainer moves them into the 
> public trees. I don't even care if all he does is move them to a 
> different tree like Arrived or some such. but Incoming is just that 
> Incoming and should not be used for downloading. 


Well, I (and a number of other people) missed the announcement of this 
change in policy.  Since it was well-known that ftp.debian.org had just 
been refurbished, I, at least, had assumed it was merely an oversight and 
was trying to compensate for it.

I apologize for my gaffe.  Obviously I should pay better attention to my
mail, since it seems I glossed over the announcement of the change in

> Please do not upload to ftp.pixar.com unless there is an absolute need.

I'm not trying to bypass the COC here or anything, just trying to work 
around what I and several others perceived as a "glitch".

"I'm a dinosaur.  Somebody's digging my bones."

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