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Re: ncurses available on ftp.pixar.com

On Sat, 9 Dec 1995, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Since ftp.debian.org seems to still be having problems with people
> downloading new files, I'm putting a copy of ncurses-1.9.8a in
> ftp://ftp.debian.org/pub/bruce/Incoming, since a handful of people have
> contacted me since yesterday to ask if I could send them copies directly.
> I think ncurses wins an award for "most packages from one source archive." 
Whoaaa now! there is a definite reason for this....

There is NO problem with uploads. The fact that I receive 10-5 mails a 
day to ftpadmin about corrupt files in private/project/Incoming made me 
opt for this method. This should be for INCOMING use only. the files will 
be available as soon as the ftp site maintainer moves them into the 
public trees. I don't even care if all he does is move them to a 
different tree like Arrived or some such. but Incoming is just that 
Incoming and should not be used for downloading. 

This has also come from the few pieces of software that have been 
uploaded to the directory that were far from free.....

So I am sorry some of you don't like this but this is the way it will 
have to be.

Bruce doesn't allow for downloads from his Incoming tree either the last 
I knew. He had to move them out to a directory called Debian instead.

Please do not upload to ftp.pixar.com unless there is an absolute need.

Matthew S. Bailey
107 Emmons Hall
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858


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