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Re: ncurses build options...

On Thu, 7 Dec 1995, David Engel wrote:
> > ncurses2-1.9.7a-1.deb will be the shared library package. It is ncurses2
> > because the major portion of the soname is 2. It will depend on libc5 and 
> > ncurses-base.
> This should be ncurses21-* (or ncurses2.1-*).  As was already noted,
> the major version for the current ncurses is really 2.1.  FYI, with
> ELF shared libraries, the major version if effectively defined by the
> soname when the library is built.

Someone else (Ray?) pointed out that ELF uses the soname, so I got this.

> > ncurses-bin-1.9.7a-1.deb will contain the terminfo database manipulation
> > files.  It will depend on ncurses2.
> It should also depend on libc5.

I've been going on the assumption that since it's dependent upon 
ncurses21, which is in turn dependent on libc5, that dpkg/dselect would 
DTRT.  Is this wrong, or is just recommended that we be paranoid?

> If we support multiple shared library versions, we should allow users
> to install the -dev package for any of them.  Of course, they should
> only be allowed to have one of them installed at any one time.
> I chose to put the major versions in the package names for my Tcl/Tk
> packages (tcl74-deb and tk40-dev) for two reasons.  First, it makes it
> much more obvious for users which -dev package goes with which runtime
> package.  Second, the ftp administrator will be less likely to
> accidentally delete the -dev packages for older, but still supported,
> versions if they have different package names from the new ones.

So when tcl 7.5 comes out, you'll make tcl75-dev conflict with 
tcl74-dev?  That makes fine sense.  I was planning on doing this with 
'DEPENDS' in ncurses-dev, but I don't see that it's superior technically 
(and it does seem a little less prone to confusion), so I'll do this.

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