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Re: ncurses build options...

> > > ncurses-bin-1.9.7a-1.deb will contain the terminfo database manipulation
> > > files.  It will depend on ncurses2.
> > It should also depend on libc5.
> I've been going on the assumption that since it's dependent upon 
> ncurses21, which is in turn dependent on libc5, that dpkg/dselect would 
> DTRT.  Is this wrong, or is just recommended that we be paranoid?

Nevermind me.  I was thinking about the hopefully unlikely case
where libc6 suddenly came out and we had to rebuild ncurses21 with
it.  I eventually realized that if that did happen, we would just
use a new major number and package name.

> So when tcl 7.5 comes out, you'll make tcl75-dev conflict with 
> tcl74-dev?  That makes fine sense.  I was planning on doing this with 

Yes, but not directly.  The way I did it was to have tcl74-dev both
provide and conflict with the virtual package tcl-dev.  When tcl75-dev
comes out, it will do the same thing.  This has the advantage of only
allowing one tcl*-dev package to be installed at a time without having
to explicitly conflict with every other package.

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