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Re: j1-7-5

> > Ray, until we get a properly
> > packaged, shared version of ncurses, you should probably not link with
> > libncurses.so when building libreadline.so.  This will allow the
> > static version of ncurses to be used for now.
> I'll have to look into this. Who is taking over ncurses?

Ray, I hope you've been following the discussion on ncurses.  It
contains just about everything I promised to send you.

> Now that ELF is becoming the standard, bash will probably depend on
> a dynamic libreadline RSN. 
> I'm not fully confident that I know how to make upgrading libreadline
> safe.
> I've placed a work in progress version of libdb at 
> ftp.wi.leidenuniv.nl/pub/linux/devel-ray. 
> Can you check if this version
> 1. is safe, i.e. if there were a base-like package using it, that it
>    would not break while updating

What I did with libc5 was to install the library as
libfoo.so.fullversion.new and then rename it and run ldconfig in the
postinst script.

Ian Jackson, what do you think of adding support for the "installing
with a different name and then renaming" step to dpkg.  Dpkg could be
told which files to do this with by putting a "libfiles" file in the
DEBIAN directory.  This would be more convenient and consistent (i.e.
reliable) than having every developer doing it manually.

> 2. does the right thing with regards to the .so link.
> 3. is split up correctly in a development and a runtime version.

I'll take a look at it.

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